Authentic Ninjutsu and Samurai Bujutsu from Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson (宗家 暗主)

Anshu Christa Jacobson – Self Protection the Raw Reality

PHOTO: Shot for Knife / C.Q.C Magazine Article


* because if you die, you know the ones that are you trying to protect will die too.*

How many times have you seen on T.V or in the “High Commercial” magazines like Black Belt learn Self-Protection in 4 weeks! Learn how defend yourself against any attacker! This type of sale is used all of the time, to me the technique of eye / groin strikes can be picked up really quickly,..but what they are leaving out is the raw reality of what protection truly is and what it means.

For me, the understanding is strictly for life or death. For the protection of yourself and your family. If someone walks into my house, while my family is sleeping, my daughter in her bed sleeping, and they plan to attack me or my family, I will protect by all means necessary,…..

When training in the arts, you attain skill through repetition, and building the mentality to execute the technique, you practice over and over so that when the time comes you do it without thought (mushin). In Ninjutsu we use the terms “universe” for another word for family and or “endurance” for the kanji “shin” or spirit.

The mentality is that if someone comes into my house, I am the one that is trained, I am the one that needs to protect the family, If I do not, they die too, this is even more scary thought when you place it in your mind that if you do not win, you daughter, kids and family dies also,….This in itself should push you harder when you are training in the arts,..every technique is crucial footwork, timing it all comes into play when you are dealing with life and death.

The raw reality of training is that our loved ones depend on use to perform when and if the time ever happens, when I look into my daughters eyes, I can not stand the thought of someone hurting her. So when you are training do yourself and your family honor by pushing yourself as hard as you can in training, becoming as good as you can in whatever art it is that you study, prepare yourself,..because the truth is if you ever had to do any of the kata that you train in for real,.there are no points, K.O’s and no Tapouts,….just someone going to the hospital or never breathing again.

I hope that these words opens the eyes of some, thank you for your time in reading,

take care be safe,..train hard,…and good luck in your journey of Budo.


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