Authentic Ninjutsu and Samurai Bujutsu from Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson (宗家 暗主)

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Anshu Christa Jacobson – Shoninki Study Part 2



Photo – Woodblock Print: A Japanese Monk and a Tengu.


7 Methods of Shinobi Disguise.

To be a ninja you need to learn to become a shadow, to blend into your surrounds and to escape the eyes of others to conceal your identity.

1 – KOMUSO (Itinerant Monk) this is when wearing the amigasa or straw hat.
2 – SHUKKE (Buddhist Monk) For getting close to people.
3 – YAMABUSHI (Mountain Ascetic) For approaching peopleand carrying a katana and wakizashi.
4 – AKINDO (Merchant) for freelymingling with the people.
5 – HOKASHI (Itenerant Actor) for blending into the crowd.
6 – SARRUGAKU (Street Entertainer) for blending into the crowd.
7 – TSUNE KATA (Normal Appearance) taking on an ordinary appearance in order to adopt other disguises. For those of you that train with the Budo Ryu and are in the Tomo Ryu training, this is called Kage no Kamae.

Prepare yourself well by using these different disguises, for the situation that you need. It is essential to know yourself and the area that you are going to be to blend in or become a natural shadow within the area.

(there are many interpretations of this book, this is my personal interpretations; I hope that this can help you in your training.)


I hope that these words from Natori can help you on your journey of the arts. be Safe my friends.

Anshu Christa Jacobson
Headmistress of the Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Dojo

Anshu Christa Jacobson – Shoninki


This is a short video of actual ninja fighting techniques from the Kishu Ryu Ninja Tradition (also known as Natori Ryu) that have been taken from one of the most well known historical artifacts on ninjutsu, a book called the Shoninki.

The Historical Ninjutsu Team contacted me and asked if I would do this video and I jumped on the opportunity to help show the world REAL ninjutsu.

I hope that you all enjoy the video, we had a good time making the video! If you are interested in training with our school please log on to:

Take Care, Be Safe &
Good Luck in your Journey of Budo

Anshu Christa Jacobson