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Anshu Christa Jacobson – Diamond with a Flaw,…

“Better a Diamond with a Flaw, than a pebble with none” – Confucius

Anyone of my students that trains directly with me in the marital arts has heard this before  A diamond is a rare & precious stone. A pebble is a regular stone that you walk on and over hundreds of them everyday and do not pay attention.  To understand the me…aning is to understand who you are. Keep in mind that the word “flaw’ means opinion, so what is one persons view of “flaw” is another persons view of beauty.

Each of us is precious in our own way, rare, there is only one you. If you are who you are, if you live your life to be who you are, that is great, if you just want to be “normal’, like everyone else, no one, not even you will see the true potential and beauty.  Learn from your mistakes, and let those teachings make you a better person, Be who you are, because the ones that love and care for you will always be by your side, and always want you to be happy.

Anshu Christa Jacobson