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Ongyōjutsu (隠形術) – Uzura-gakure


Soke; Anshu Christa Jacobson explains Ongyojutsu technique Uzura-gakure

Ongyōjutsu (隠形術) – Disappearing Techniques (隠形術)

Ongyojutsu (隠形術) is the art of disappearing and hiding (or what others say “invisibility” techniques). When talking about this form of hiding, usually the techniques such as (1) Kitsune-gakure (2) Uzura-gakure (3) Kannon-gakure (4) Tanuki-gakure and (5) Ukigusa-gakure are just some of the hiding techniques that come to mind when talking about this forms of Ongyōjutsu (隠形術) within classical ninjutsu.

There are many names that are associated with the art as well as other collections of training for infiltration, evasion, hiding and extraction. To name a few of these names & collections:

Onshin no Hō (隠身の法)
methods for attaining invisibility

Onshin no Jutsu (隠身の術)
techniques for attaining invisibility

Onshin Tongyō no Jutsu (隠身遁形の術)
techniques to hide the body so it seems to be gone, or get out of line of sight;techniques for concealment and escaping)

Inton no Jutsu (隠遁の術)
escape and disappearing techniques

Tenchijin Santon no Hō (天地人三遁の法)
Three methods of escaping using Heaven, Earth and Man

Tonjutsu (遁術)
Fleeing techniques; to run away and hide

Tonkō no Jutsu (遁行の術)
escaping techniques

Tongyō no Jutsu (遁形の術)
vanishing techniques; disappearing techniques

Tonpō (遁法)
Fleeing methods; to run away and hide

Omote Gotonpō (表五遁法)
Five escaping methods

Ura Gotonpō (裏五遁法)
Reverse five escaping methods

Metsubushi no Tonpō (目潰しの遁法)
Blinding and fleeing methods

Goton no Jutsu (五遁之術)
***** Mokuton-no-jutsu (木遁之術)
***** Doton-no-jutsu (土遁之術)
***** Kinton-no-jutsu (金遁之術)
***** Suiton-no-jutsu (水遁之術)
***** Katon-no-jutsu (火遁之術)

In the photo above I am teaching at the 2011 Shinobi Stealth camp the technique “Uzura-gakure” (a.k.a Quail Hiding). Usually this is done at night or right as it is getting dark so that you can use the shadows to your advantage.

When you are in a garden or area with natural foliage, wrap both of your arms over your head and crouch down like a quail shape ball to resemble a garden stone so that you would be over looked if someone gazed through the area.

This is to be done wearing classical shinobi garb (shinobi shōzoku 忍び装束) and also making use of the zukin (hood) as this will help aid cover the natural tones and silhouette of the human form. However this can also be done wearing dark colors as well and using one of the basic tools of the ninja the “sanjaku tengui”.

In this photo above I was not wearing the shinobi shōzoku (忍び装束) but utilized what I had so that I could demonstrate the use of this technique to the students, as you can see, it still works!

I hope that you all enjoy today’s lesson!

Take Care, Be Safe and Good Luck in your Journey of Budo!

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