Authentic Ninjutsu and Samurai Bujutsu from Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson (宗家 暗主)


Sensei Anshu Christa Jacobson

Soke; Anshu Christa Jacobson

Hyoho Sanju go kajoMiyamoto Musashi; 1614

In 1614 two years before he wrote the Gorin no sho (Book of the 5 Rings) Musashi wrote a work called “Thrity-five Instructions on Strategy”. It was written for Lord Hosokawa, by his guest Miyamoto Musashi. The Gorin no sho (Book of the 5 Rings) is considered a more elaborate piece off of this work.

To truly understand these teachings and the nature of this text is extremely difficult as Musashi used special terms and verbal meaning to express his respect for Lord Hosokawa, which is very hard to understand the exact meaning to translate into English.

In the translations I am using the terms that was used in the Gorin no sho (Book of the 5 Rings) as they are the more popular terms for identifying Miyamoto Musashi’s works.

STRATEGY FOUR; (POSTURE) — It is appropriate to hold the head neither lowered nor raised. The shoulders are neither raised nor contracted. The belly is forward but not the chest. The buttocks are not drawn in; the knees are not fixed. The posture of strategy should be well examined so that it also becomes one’s ordinary posture.

STRATEGY FIVE; (MOVEMENT OF THE FEET) — To move from one place to another, you slightly raise your toes and push off from the heel, forcefully. According to the situation, you move your feet with a large or small step, slowing or rapidly, but always in the manner of walking. There are three ways of moving that is necessary to avoid: Jumping, Floating Steps and Heavy Stomping. The essential instruction related to moving from place to place is to alternate the movement of the two feet, positive foot then negative foot (In/Yo), which means you should not just move one foot. When you slash, when you back away, when you parry, you must always move the right and left feet alternately. You must never move only one foot. This should be examined with care.
(*Note, this is the same as the Gorin no sho, in the scroll of water*)

STRATEGY SIX; (THE WAY OF LOOKING) —Your look must be broad and ample. Looking and seeing are two different things. Look powerfully, see gently. It is necessary to look at what is in the distance as well as something that is close; know that what is close is something that is of distance – this is essential for strategy. It is fundamental in strategy to know the sword of the adversary without looking at it. You must exercise well in this. Whether it is a matter of strategy on the individual scale or strategy on the large scale, the way of looking is the same. It is essential to look to both sides without moving your eyes. But without preparation, you will not be able to achieve this way of looking at the time of combat. This is why you had better study what I am writing here; you must accustom yourself to looking all the time in this way in order to be able to keep this way of looking in any situation. Examine this well.
(*Note, this is the same as the Gorin no sho, in the scroll of water*)

I hope that you all enjoy your lessons today from the Hyoho Sanju go kajo. Thank you all for your support! I wish you all the best in your journey of the arts.


Anshu Christa Jacobson
Headmistress of the Budo Ryu; School of the Warrior Way
21st Soke of the Tomo Ryu Tradition
Headmistress of the Budo RyuSchool of the Warrior Way
Founder of the Budo Ryu Online University
Owner of the Ninjutsu Super Store
Chief Editor of the Shinobi no Mono Magazine
Founder of the Ninjutsu International Federation
Professional Model and Artist



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