Authentic Ninjutsu and Samurai Bujutsu from Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson (宗家 暗主)

What is Sakki-jutsu? (殺気術), Sakki (殺気), Ninjutsu (忍術)


Photo: Anshu Christa Jacobson with Dojo Assistant Renshi Andrew Chafin at the 2013 Shinobi Stealth Camp
Sakki (殺気) means “intent to kill”. Sakkijutsu (殺気術) is the ability to sense the thoughts and intentions of an attacker that arise from their conscious or subconscious mind. Before the attack comes the ability to sense Sakki allows you to evade an attack or plot against you in life.

The test is performed as the student sits on the floor with his / her eyes closed. I stand behind the student with a sword in my hand. I will try to strike the student with the sword with all my intention, as if I were actually trying to kill him. If the student manages to avoid the attack successfully, he or she has successfully passed this true test of Budo (warrior way).

One goal of our training that allows you to put yourself in a state of Mushin (emptiness or nothingness). When you enter the state of Mushin you begin to move freely and naturally in time with unseen forces that co-exist all around us. This ability marks the beginning and entrance into the world of true martial arts training and is cultivated by the constant practice of Jissen Gata (real fighting forms), which is the focus of training in the Budo Ryu; School of the Warrior Way.

School of the Warrior Way

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