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Budo Ryu Ninjutsu: Goho-no-Keiko


The Budo Ryu Kai has its own unique perspective on the training of the ninja and samurai arts. Understanding the five areas of training called the Goho-no-Keiko is the 1st step to understanding the craft of Budo Ryu Ninjutsu.

(1) Nana Musha-den: (七武者伝)
Meaning = The Training of the Seven Koryu Traditions
Elemental Association = Wind (Fu; 風)
Philosophy = To Be Silent

(2) Gendai Henka Waza: (現代変化技)
Meaning = The Training of Modern Variations from the Koryu
Elemental Association = Water (Sui; 水)
Philosophy = To Will

(3) Hojo Undo: (補助運動)
Meaning = To Train in the Supplementary Exercises
Elemental Association = Fire (Ka; 火)
Philosophy = To Dare / To Challenge

(4) Seishin Teki Kyoyo: (精神的教養)
Meaning = To Develop Spiritual Refinement
Elemental Association = Void (Ku; 空)
Philosophy = To Go / To Submit

(5) Nihon Musha-kyuu: (日本武者究)
Meaning = The Study of the Ancient Scrolls
Elemental Association = Earth (Chi; 地)
Philosophy = To Know

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