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Love Who You Are…


📷✨ Sunday Selfie / Sexy Sunday 😍
Martial Arts Critics & Haters have always, and will always, have an issue with me expressing my sexuality. To me, sexuality and nudity is freedom. I am not a nudist, but with my popularity I am in a position of power & influence. As a transgender woman, I believe that the world needs to be more accepting of people who do not “fit the mold” of what the society deems “correct”.
I understand that many see me as the promiscuous pagan witch, that teachings Ninpo / Budo & works in Adult Entertainment as a Geisha and this shallow perception does not give credit to the dedication and loyalty that I have for my family, my students, or my teachings of ninjutsu & samurai bujutsu.
The one thing that my Martial Arts training has taught me is that you need to stand up for who you are, and protect what it is that you love. So here I am saying…
– It’s okay to be different.
– It’s okay to be a transgender person & love your body.
– It’s okay to follow your heart & be who you want to be.
– It’s okay to love, be loved, & let others love you.
– It’s okay to let your guard down & trust.
– It’s okay if some people don’t like you.
– It’s okay to make mistakes.
– It’s okay to follow your heart & chase your dreams.
– It’s okay to want to succeed… you’re worth it…
I understand that I am not the “conventional” martial arts teacher, but even though the way that I do things may be unconventional to you, in the end, I want all of my students to find who they are, what they want, and be able to protect themselves and what it is that they love.
Thank you for your love and support!
💋 Soke Anshu / KC Geisha 

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