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How I Almost Got Robbed | Self-Defense Techniques | Ninjutsu Training


Additional Thoughts…

Looking back a the situation, when I seen him stare at me and ask for money, if I would have ignored him and walked up to where he was and crossed the road at the actual walk way crossing, he might not have followed me. Maybe he would have not seen me as “prey”.

However, when he asked for money and I immediately crossed the road where I did, I think he might have thought that I was “weak” & “afraid”, and that was his opportunity. To me, this makes more sense as to why he pursued me at the rate that he did.

None the less, this man was not every efficient in what he was doing.  There are 100+ different ways that he could have done something different to make it much harder on me. Clearly he is not a “professional thief”, but likely someone who is a little down on his luck and looking to steal a few extra bucks to help him during the holiday.

I am glad that I was not robbed and that it did not escalate to a violent attack and that no one was hurt in anyway.  There are so many crazy people out there, so you have to be aware of everything, all of the time.

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