Authentic Ninjutsu and Samurai Bujutsu from Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson (宗家 暗主)

Archive for June 17, 2020

Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson: My Extreme Approach To Ninjutsu Training | Ninja Martial Arts (Ninpo)

In this video I (Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson) explain why my approach towards ninjutsu training and physical conditioning is so extreme. We live in a world where violence, aggression, prejudice and hate is on the rise.  The only way to excel and perform in a violent extreme situation is to be highly skilled in violence, through extreme training.
This lesson is directly for the practitioners of the ancient Japanese koryu martial arts of the ninja and samurai, such as ninjutsu (ninpo) and bujutsu (budo).

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