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Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson | Escort, Courtesan, Stripper, Kunoichi, Geisha

Today I thought I’d sleep in a little before I started the day. I woke up, worked out, took a shower and got ready. After I put on my make up, bra and panties, I thought I would take “this selfie”…

At this point 90% of the people, who have seen this image, will not read the rest of the post. The majority will look at the tits and ass, hit the like button and say some nice comments; but the picture is more than just tits and ass.

As a transgender woman, I have had many obstacles in life. What this image truly is, is an image of a woman who had to literally make who and what she is… I had to eat, sleep and train to make my body look the way it does, the whole time fighting against genetics that was pulling me a different direction.

People get this notion that even though outside of martial arts, I work in adult entertainment taking nude photos, erotic dancing etc, that I must be some pompous ass that feels they are better looking than others. That is so far from the truth. I’m not going to lie; it’s nice that people pay me hundreds of dollars to see me naked… Seriously… However, anyone who knows me knows I am not the egotistical bitch that many of my haters would like you to believe. But because of all the hard work, I am very proud of who I am, and what I have achieved in my life.

Today, at 41, I looked in the mirror this morning and seen a strong woman who runs one of the largest international ninjutsu organizations in the world. Who has a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters and has achieved all that she has wanted. Life is good…

Thank you all for your love and support, I deeply appreciate it. Take care, be safe and good luck in your journey.

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