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Holiday Special on Ninjutsu Books and Densho! | Ninja Martial Arts (Ninpo)

In this video I share a holiday special on all ninjutsu books and densho from our store!  This is great way for anyone who studies the ninja martial arts (ninpo) to take advantage of this sale and add some books and densho to their personal library!


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This offer is only good through November 30th at midnight!

If you’re a student/supporter of the Budo Ryu Kai and/or truly interested in authentic ninjutsu and classical samurai bujutsu, then these are books that you should have in your collection!

– Shinobi no Michi (The Way of the Ninja)

– Kage-no-Sho (Book of Shadows)

– Jikiden (Direct Transmission)

– Shinobi Zukan Vol. 1

– Tomo-ryu Shinobijutsu Shoden no Maki

– Koka-ryu Kempo Heiho Densho

This lesson is directly for the practitioners of the ancient Japanese koryu martial arts of the ninja and samurai, such as ninjutsu (ninpo) and bujutsu (budo).

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Ninja Skin Conditioning (Hands, Feet, Toes) Ninjutsu Training: Junan Taiso, Hojo Undo Techniques

In this video, I discuss the ninja skin conditioning/training of the hands, feet and toes within ninjutsu martial arts.  Remember the ninja was a spy, and body sensitivity was a very important aspect within ninjutsu. The ninja would have to feel around in the darkness to find certain things, do certain things, feel certain things and be aware of certain things. To do this, they would need a high level of sensitivity on the bottoms of their hands, feet and toes.

Do not get skin conditioning mixed up with bone conditioning. Yes, the ninja would train to have effective striking (punching and kicking) within their martial arts training.  But this training goes along “impact conditioning” or “bone conditioning” as the practitioner is training to withstand a higher impact and deliver an effective strike with their hands and feet. Impact conditioning is more along the lines of bone and connective tissue training and has nothing to do with the conditioning of the skin for sensitivity. 

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BUDO RYU KAI (School of the Warrior Way)  

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