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The Sad Truth in the World of Martial Arts Business & Self-Defense Industry

In this video, I discuss the sad truth in the world of the martial arts. Do not get me wrong, I love the martial arts and the ninjutsu community.  But that does not mean I love everything that’s in it.  There are things that are absolutely terrible in the world of martial arts and self defense business; and in this video, I detail 3 things that are the sad truth in the industry.

  • The majority of teachers cannot do what they claim they can do, and or, they cannot do what they teach.
  • The majority of teachers spend more time on the perception of their dojo’s image, rather than the development of their student’s skills.
  • The majority of teachers give out easy rank, to make more money. In doing this, it hinders the student’s development because the importance is not on the student; it is on the profit margin on the dojo.

I refuse to participate in the above 3 points.  The art, the transmission of the art and the relationships with the students and their development is what is important.

This lesson is directly for the practitioners of the ancient Japanese koryu martial arts of the ninja and samurai, such as ninjutsu (ninpo) and bujutsu (budo).

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REAL / Authentic / Classical / Traditional – Ninjutsu Training

Someone just sent me something that is absolutely ridiculous and to be blunt, fucking pathetic. There are so many people that trash me, belittle me and my school, and call me fake and fraud, yet make sure they watch everything that I do, then turn around and profit off of what I teach…

10+ years ago, I was writing about ninja survival skills (seizonjutsu) and teaching how to make fire, find water, etc… No one in the ninjutsu community was even discussing these skills at all. Not openly online and not making videos on YouTube about this subject. Now the very same people that trash me, call me fake and fraud are writing books on the very EXACT SAME “ninja survival skills” that I teach – then turn around and say how bad my martial arts / ninjutsu is. How the hell are they going to trash me, then turn around take my online lessons and make money off of my teachings?

Another Example:
For years, I’ve been talking about esoteric magick and have been teaching “ninja magick”. For Years! The very same people who trash me, belittle me, mock me for being a witch, etc… are now talking about the very EXACT SAME “ninja magick” that I’ve been teaching for years!

These people are literally stealing from me, to put money in their pockets!

As a woman who teaches martial arts, I already don’t get a fair shake, because the majority of martial arts students are men, and they do not want to learn how to “fight” from a woman.

As a transgender woman who teaches martial arts, I do not get a fair shake, because there are so many hateful, closed minded, prejudice bigots that do not want to be around transgender people because it makes them feel “uncomfortable”.

As a ninjutsu teacher, I do not get a fair share, because in the “World of Martial Arts” ninjutsu is seen as a joke. It is seen as people who dress in black and larp around like they’re playing a live action role play of D&D or something…

So as a woman, a transgender woman, who teaches ninjutsu it’s already tough enough in this business. However… With all of the shit thrown at me, I have NEVER stopped.  Because I know that I am right and I’ve always believed that the truth will always prevail.  Now, I’m starting the rethink that a little.  Maybe the majority of people don’t want real training. Maybe the majority don’t want the truth…

The ninjutsu community is either full of people who DO NOT train and have an active library card and huge book collection. Or, people who are part of the popular chains of ninpo schools that are bullshit.  They DO NOT spar. They DO NOT have physical requirements. They DO NOT push their students at all. They give out high rank very easy. For those of you who do not know, easy rank = money in the martial arts.

Then there is me… I am the one that has literally SHUT DOWN Budo Ryu Ninjutsu schools and closed the doors because the teachers of these schools (who were my own students at the time),  DO NOT live up to my standard of excellence that I demand! Some think that is crazy, because it alters “growth of a business”. But I don’t give a shit. Anyone who is in the Budo Ryu Kai and does not want to do what we do, they will be dismissed.  It is that simple!

They (the ones that are no longer with the Budo Ryu Kai) want to operate a dojo like all of these money making bullshido mcdojo’s! I WILL NOT HAVE IT! Here we do it right! You have to train the Mind-Body-Spirit! Here you have to learn tradition and be able to protect yourself and survive! I will not bend on these rules!

If you refuse to do what is required, then you need to leave the organization.

So not only do I get people all over the internet that trash the hell out of me, just because me being me does not fit. But I also get people who can’t take the training here at the Budo Ryu Kai and leave and trash the hell out of me. When I am doing everything, exactly how it is written in the ancient text!

90% of all of “Martial Arts” is bullshit.
90% of the “Ninjutsu Community” is bullshit.
Know that! 9 out of 10 things you read online is bullshit…
I will NOT speak for any other organization. But if you are serious about getting in shape, training hard and learning the ancient ways of the warrior. If you are truly interested in studying authentic ninjutsu and classical samurai bujutsu; check out our website: There you will find what you are looking for.