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Haters & Trolls (#0001) – Recognizing an Individual’s Character / Weakness

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Recognizing an Individual’s Character / Weakness
Judging any threat, in any form, is a skill of the shinobi. Being able to read your opponent and understand the way that they think and act is crucial in the mastery of ninjutsu.

This goes along the same traditional teachings of the Sanshin (3 martial hearts). The three martial hearts are: Mind, Body & Spirit. Understand your opponent in all phases: Mentally, Physically and Emotionally. From this understanding you can then develop a proper form of action, in any situation.

In the video below Mr. Chafin gives a great lesson in understanding the thought process of cyber bullies, online trolls and haters. Although we all in the martial arts have to face the fact that someone sometime is going to talk about us. As teachers, we have to take these situations and use them as lessons for our students.

Mr. Chafin used to be a professional troll, yes it is true. He was paid to falsely advertise and tear down major business and was part of a internet world that many of us have only heard of.

After many years of this, he felt that he wanted to find something of worth in his life and he found myself and the Budo Ryu. From here he has now found balance in his life and is using his knowledge of hate and cyber crime; a life that he was accustom too; To help educate students of the martial arts and others on how they can identify and understand this type of irrational and malicious behavior.

This is just a short introduction video; but I think it is a great lesson for all students of the Budo Ryu. Especially since 80% of the Budo Ryu trains in some form of digital media online.

Make sure that you stick it out to the end! Enjoy the lesson of NINSO O SHIRU KOTO: