Authentic Ninjutsu and Samurai Bujutsu from Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson (宗家 暗主)

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Anshu Christa Jacobson

Picture Above:  Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson at the Budo Ryu Hombu Dojo.

(Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson in Budo Ryu Hombu)

“In times of peace, people do not remember times of war and what it is like and become comfortable, so they feel that there is no need for the shinobi and they no longer carry detailed information about each province nor do they give gifts to each other. On top of this, they do not know who is in which area or who good people are.”

Koka Shinobi no Den Miraiki; 1719
Dictated by Kimura Okunosuke Yasutaka
Written by Chikamatsu Hikonoshin Shigenori




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“Budo Ryu Ninjutsu is a martial art used to protect people. So when training in these methods of Traditional Japanese Bujutsu,…you have to understand if you loose,…so does the future of the ones that you are trying to protect.

Defeat is NOT an option for the school that protects others, you should keep these thoughts engraved in your heart.”

Anshu Christa Jacobson

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Anshu Christa Jacobson – Art of War Part 10

Art of War – Part 10

Photo – Woodblock print of Kusunoki Masashige.


“Fierceness is essential in the realm of war. It cannot be dependent of the amount of destruction that you want to inflict. This emotion has to be drown upon by the honor that you have for your family, loyalty that you have for your lord. Fierceness is a natural state when the troops see the wisdom of their leader and attack like the power of the heavens.”

“It is very important for a warlord to have access to gaining information, the use of spies is crucial. Some of the information us useful and some is deception, it is up to the leader as to how to move and attack.”

“Spies and guerrilla agents are the utmost importance to the successful operation of the warlord. Only those who are intelligent and enlightened can use them properly. Without secret operations a war is a meaningless act of violence that does nothing except destroy all of the people and all the resources.”

I wrote 10 lessons on the art of war. Study these lessons well, to master them means you understand the true arts of war.

(my personal interpretations and research taken from Sun Tzu’s book; (Art of War)


I hope that these words from Sun Tzu can help you on your journey of the arts. be Safe my friends.

Anshu Christa Jacobson
Headmistress of the Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Dojo