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LOVE not HATE ♥ The hateful phone call…📞

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I get people all of the time hating on me just because I am transgender. They make fun of me and belittle me as a woman.

They call me “He” or “Him”, instead of “She” or “Her”.
They even go as far as to say “Chris”, instead of “Christa”, even though my name is Christa.

I am a strong, proud, transgender woman that lives her life to be happy. I am not living my life in the image of what others feel I should be. I am living my life to the fullest, as I feel I should.

If you are hating on me and slandering me, don’t be upset if I do not acknowledge you as I walk by, happy and successful in everything that I do.

If you support me and love me, you will have a friend forever.

Happiness In Life

Happiness in Life

Soke Tomo-ryu; Anshu Christa Jacobson

Photo Taken: 10.18.2011
After class at the Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Hombu.

Yesterday’s classes at the Hombu Dojo made me realize how lucky I am to be able to do what I love to do everyday and make a living at it. I mean that is everyone’s dream isn’t it? To be able to do what you love to do, express who you are to the world and make a living doing it? The unfortunate thing is that not many get this opportunity or maybe,… not many are willing to take the chance.

It was said once by Confucius “Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. He was right. I get the pleasure of everyday waking up and spending the rest of the day dedicated to the authentic ninjutsu and traditional samurai bujutsu and help teach the martial arts to the students of the Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Dojo.

Sure; there is work that has to be done; we make video downloads, shinobi no mono magazine, DVD’s for the Ninjutsu Super Store, and uploads and updates to the Budo Ryu Online Dojo as well as keeping in contact with all of our students and supports with our myspace page, facebook page and youtube channel. The greatest part that I find with what I do is that I never get frustrated at all because of what I am doing, I always feel like I want to do more than what I have; and to me that is a good thing!

You only have one life to live, live it to be happy, and don’t be scared to be yourself, that is what is going to really make you happy. Happiness starts within and then it is expressed outward. Just like art.


“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique” – Walt Disney

Take Care, Be Safe and Good Luck in your Journey of Budo.

Anshu Christa Jacobson – See the Light

Soke Christa Jacobson


See the Light,….
Photo Taken 7.4.2011

“Cultivate your happiness within the hard work of your daily passion and illuminate this positive emotional light through the dark fog that surrounds us all.

This will foster happiness within, and inspires others to follow. Remember; Budo is about polishing your training to make yourself and the others around you better, this can only be done through refining action.”

Anshu Christa Jacobson
21st Soke of the Tomo Ryu Tradition
Headmistress of the Budo RyuSchool of the Warrior Way
Founder of the Budo Ryu Online University
Owner of the Ninjutsu Super Store
Chief Editor of the Shinobi no Mono Magazine
Founder of the Ninjutsu International Federation
Professional Model and Artist

Anshu Christa Jacobson – Purpose of the Martial Arts

Soke Christa Jacobson

Soke; Anshu Christa Jacobson

(Taken from the upcoming book from the Budo Ryu Kai)

To understand the purpose of the martial arts training we have to understand the goal towards training; Self-Enlightenment, Self-Empowerment, Self-Defense and Self- Protection of oneself and loved ones.

I was once told of an old story of these two master swords man who were closer than brothers. They both mastered the way of the sword, and prepared to start their journey of Musha Shugyo (武者修行). They were going to be separate for many years. So they met one day on the opposite side of this creek, and they agreed that they would re-unite at the same place, at the same date, twelve years later.

Twelve years later, at that date they found that the rain and the course of nature had changed that creek to a large raging water stream so there is no way that they can meet at the exact same place. As one of the samurai determined to live up to his vow and to show his incredible level of skill that he amassed over the twelve years. He took a running jump and leaped over the deadly current of the rushing water, safely on the other side. The other samurai walked upstream and hired a boatman to get row him across safely to meet his close friend.

The skills that one man spent 12 years of training and refining was duplicated effortlessly with a few pennies. Similarly if your goal is only to “win” or “kill”, than we can just buy a gun rather than investing years of training. This is why students of Budo need to understand that Budo is not just about winning. Next we need to understand that winning is more than just defeating your enemy, it is about perfecting yourself – your personal character – as well as your skills as a martial artist.

In Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu (英信流居合術); one of the seven warrior traditions of the Budo Ryu, there is a saying: Kachi wa saya no naka ni ari (Victory comes while the sword is still in the scabbard) physical skills alone no matter how highly developed are not enough. There is always someone more skillful or someone with a dirty trick that will leave you unprepared. But attitude is better than aptitude in actual combat.

Without having a strong warrior spirit, courage and determination a high level of skill is useless. So the purpose of training in Budo is to develop the mind and spirit of a warrior and such a strength of character that it wins a battle before it begins. This takes years of training to do. These skills also lead to the ability to rid your self of and not respond to hate, slander, anger, fear, selfishness and jealousy as they are counter productive and self-destructive. Simply put frustration is the first sign of mental weakness. Those that get so frustrated that they have to say and do negative things are clearly mentally weak, and as a warrior and a practitioner of budo, you should not concern yourself with this action as this will also lead you off of true path of Budo.

“Kachi wa saya no naka ni ari”
(Victory comes while the sword is still in the scabbard)

Take Care, Be Safe and Good Luck in your Journey of Budo.

Anshu Christa Jacobson
21st Soke of the Tomo Ryu Tradition
Headmistress of the Budo RyuSchool of the Warrior Way
Founder of the Budo Ryu Online University
Owner of the Ninjutsu Super Store
Chief Editor of the Shinobi no Mono Magazine
Founder of the Ninjutsu International Federation
Professional Model and Artist

Anshu Christa Jacobson – Friends

Anshu Christa Jacobson

Photo Taken – 4.20.2011
Photo & Video Shoot for Historical Ninjutsu Team Video

Last night I had a friend really have my back, one of those situations where they really stand firm and show the strength of the relationship. He literally went out of his way to have my back and defend me.

While he was fighting / arguing with people about myself and my school he emailed me and told me to “go here” (link) well,..’here’ is not available to me, for some reason or another, I do not have “permission” to go there. I noticed that he was online through instant message, and I asked him to call me, he basically said – No, he was busy, doing what it was that he was doing. I tried to call him, he did not answer. I knew he was defending me about something, but was unsure of why or what was going on. Since he did not answer, I went to bed & thought, here is a friend that is sticking up for me, defending me, against many, he has my back.

Many people have questioned this mans loyalty and honor towards others, saying that he is only out for himself, #1 and that is all. Last night he proved that statement wrong. He proved that he is one of the few that still do the right thing and stand up for what you believe in,….honor.

I was touched to see that someone put them self out like that for me, When things are easy, you can have many friends, but in the face of adversity, when things are really wrong, and just go bad, there are those few that will stand right there with you, those are your real friends.

Helen Keller once said — “Walking with a friend in the dark, is much better than walking alone in the light” these are words that I hope many can understand and also make the same decision to do so.

I do thank all of you for all of the support, without all of you, friends and students, we (budoryu) and myself would not be where it is today!

Thank you very much, I hope that you all have a wonderful day!
Anshu Christa Jacobson

Headmisress of the Budo Ryu – School of War


“Friendship… is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”
– Muhhamad Ali



Here in this video promo is of the Ninpo Goshintaijutsu Workshop 2011 DVD that will be released by the Budo Ryu -School of War. In this event we looked at the raw reality of self defense. There are so many schools that do not focus on this, they only focus on strictly kata, or understanding of. In this school of martial training we train to defend ourselves, family, village, and ryu by all means necessary.

Ninjutsu is the art of survival, we train so that we can survive and live our lives the way that we want to live our lives to make us and our loved ones happy.

I hope that you all enjoy the video,
if interested in the DVD it will be released in

Take Care, Be Safe &
Good Luck in your Journey of Budo!

Anshu Christa Jacobson
headmaster of the Budo Ryu – School of War

Anshu Christa Jacobson – Cowards Hate

“Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated.” – George Bernard Shaw: Nobel Prize Winner for Literature (1925)

Anshu Christa Jacobson – Happy Valentines Day!



“Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”