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Shinobi Majutsu (忍び 魔術; Ninja Magick)…


Shinobi Majutsu (忍び 魔術; Ninja Magick)…
At the 2014 Shinobi-No-Mono Stealth Camp (忍びの者 大会)!
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Witchcraft in Ninjutsu – Wiccca, Magick, Spells, Majutsu, Mahou, Genjutsu


When studying “ninja magick” do not get the areas mixed up:
Genjutsu (幻術; Art of Illusion)
Majutsu (魔術; Art/Technique of Witchcraft)
Mahou (魔法; Principals of Magick/Witchcraft)

There are many definitions of the word “pagan” and many people use it a variety of different reasons. I am stating this because I am not getting into petty arguments regarding Buddhism. There are two common definitions for a “pagan”:
(1) The first refers to people who believe in a religion that is not Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. So in that sense, YES, Buddhists are pagan.
(2) The second definition refers to people who practice polytheistic religions (belief in more than one God) such as Wiccans or the ancient Greeks. In this sense, NO, Buddhists are not pagan, because Buddhism is a non-theistic religion (no God), it’s more spiritual/philosophical.

Many people will say that Buddhism is NOT pagan. This is not because of its “age of ritual”, but because pagan refers to the belief & worship in the God / Gods that predate the Abrahamic religions. Buddhists don’t concern themselves about God or Gods. Buddhists concern themselves with the Dharma, which is not a god or gods. It is “truth” or “reality”. This is why many say Buddhism is not pagan, because there is no ritual between themselves and a God or Gods. However, some place Buddhism as pagan simply because of “age of religious ritual”.

For the presentation of this video, I am placing it as “pagan” to help the viewers understand its age, and its relation and commonality within witchcraft / magick.

If you are interested in the 3 books that I shown at the end of the video, here are the links:

Iga & Koka Ninja Skills

In Search of the Ninja

Secret Traditions of the Shinobi

Ninja Magick


(Budo Ryu Lesson – Please Read In Full)

You may or may not believe in magick, and that is up to you and your spiritual path. One thing is for sure, the ninja did believe in magick, & the higher level of ninjutsu training is learning the ancient ninja methods of spells & magick. I personally believe in magick, as it is very well documented that I practice wicca as a form of spirituality. This spiritual practice and belief in the metaphysical realm is one of the reasons why I was honored with the ranks and titles that I have (Anshu “暗主” = Dark Master)

Many say that magick is all in your mind, & this is true. But just because it is in your mind, does not mean that it is not real. Your mind is the most important tool in working magick, as well as the study of ninjutsu & bujutsu.

Focus is the key, & if you’re distracted, than your mind keeps jumping from thought to thought. If you are not focused, your spells won’t be very effective. Mental clarity, concentration, & balance are essential to magick. That’s why ninja, witches and other magicians often practice meditation; it trains & disciplines your mind.

Meditation strengthens the link between you and the divine. When your mind is calm and receptive, you can communicate with angels, spirits, past loved ones, & whatever higher power you recognize in the metaphysical world.

I can go on and on with this lesson, but the point of this lesson is to increase the understanding that in the ancient world of ninjutsu, the practice of magick is more important than learning un-armed fighting techniques.
“…there is no benefit in the defiance of regular habits that may be powerful and may be misunderstood. On the other hand, you must be careful that you do not elevate any esoteric belief to be all – powerful – You must keep your head about you. Bushi warriors life to wear good armor, not only to protect themselves from arrows, but also, so that they feel brave and are prepared to die immediately as a result of any fighting that they do; using these spells, similar to using quality armor.”

Natori Masatake
Use of Magick in Ninjutsu
Shoninki; 1681

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Japanese Dojo – Candle Magic (魔燭; Ma-shoku)


BUDO RYU (School of the Warrior Way)
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The wand finds the witch!


Here I am at the Renaissance Festival with a New Magic Wand!
I did not find the wand, the wand found me!