Authentic Ninjutsu and Samurai Bujutsu from Soke Anshu Christa Jacobson (宗家 暗主)

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Anshu Christa Jacobson at Kempo / Kenpo Photo Shoot



Here is a picture from the photo shoot for the new book coming out!

Koka-ryu Kempo Heiho Densho
甲賀流拳法 兵法 伝書

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Shinobi no Michi – Way of the Ninja – Book Promotion & Special Thanks


SHINOBI NO MICHI (Way of the Ninja)
This is a video promotion for the new book called “Shinobi no Michi”.  This book is the largest book every written in English on Authentic Ninjutsu & Samurai Bujutsu and can be purchased here:
This is a video to give thanks to all of those who helped me write the book as well as give a brief description about the contents of the book.
Thank you all very much for your support!


I hope that you all enjoy the book. You were the inspiration and the driving force for me to compile such a book. This is the largest book ever written on Authentic Ninjutsu and Samurai Bujutsu in English and I am hopes that you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it for all of you! With deep respect, thank you,…. (bow).

Christa Jacobson
Headmistress of the Budo Ryu
School of the Warrior Way

Anshu Christa Jacobson – Happy New Year!