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Kunoichi (くノ一)


DAILY LESSON – The Kunoichi (くノ一)
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Just as the men of feudal Japan that operated as shinobi, used disguise and deception towards their advantage, the women of the feudal era did as well.

Kunoichi is the name for the female ninja / women practitioners of Ninpo. Many different scholars and historians will tell you different theories on what the job of the kunoichi details. I am not for sure if anyone really needs a special scroll, document, or densho to explain that the Japanese, along with every society all over the world, used sex as a way to persuade people to get what they want. This is one of the oldest tricks in espionage and this skill of sexual deception is still very effective today.

For all of my adult life I have had two jobs that I have maintained and still do to this day. (#1) I have owned and operated a ninjutsu / bujutsu dojo to teach the authentic historical methods of the ninja and samurai. (#2) I work in the adult entertainment industry as an escort / courtesan.

Many people find it odd that I own a martial arts school and then go out and work as an escort / courtesan. To me, they are not that far apart and it makes me gain a better appreciation and understanding of the kunoichi and their training.

Samurai means: “one who serves”. Geisha means: “person of the arts”; and Oiran (a type of yujo) means “courtesan / escort.” All of them I can say that I practice in my professional life.

The kunoichi had to be very skilled in these methods to be able to use their feminine abilities to serve their lord. There are no rules within war and most targeted enemies were men. In this area of physical pleasure and fantasy, this is an area where the male shinobi could not be as effective.

Because of my many years training and teaching the ninja arts, and my experience in the adult entertainment industry, this gives me actual experience in many situations as to how a woman would be looked at, approached, handled, and attacked, and I share these experiences with my students.

A warrior is a warrior. Many other ninjutsu organizations and historical researchers want you to think that the kunoichi were not trained in the same warrior arts as the male shinobi. This is completely false. Although their training may have a different focus (physical strength cannot be overlooked), they were still trained in all 18 skills of the shinobi. This includes the arts of Taijutsu, Kobujutsu, Ninjutsu, and Heiho.

If y’all liked my post on #Kunoichi, I would be glad to post more about the ninja woman of feudal Japan!
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