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Anshu Christa Jacobson – Budo Ryu Michigan Shugyo

Anshu Christa Jacobson

Picture Above:  Group Photo with myself and my assistant (Mr. Chafin) as well as My personal student Mr. Delgado (head instructor of the Budo Ryu Michigan) and his two assistants Mr. Brinley and Mr. Meyer.

In May of 2011 I took a trip to Michigan to visit the Budo Ryu Michigan Shinobi-Den.  This is a Budo Ryu School that is ran by one of my personal students Mr. Jose Delgado.  While at the workshop, there were people that came in and out at different times, some from different schools of training such as Aikido, Karate and Jujutsu.

During this training session, I wanted to stress the true meaning, of the Budo Ryu methods and the essence of real Budo.  Everyone had a great time, and trained hard.  Some of the things that we covered was, Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu with the Sanshin no Kata and the Kihon Happo.  Koto Ryu Koppojutsu with various kata from the Shoden Gata.  Tomo Ryu Shinobijutsu kata as well as training from the Taijutsu Kimi Ugoki.  Tenjin Ryu Jujutsu as well as Koka Ryu Kempo hand to hand fighting technques and concepts.

All of the students did a great job and I am honored to have Mr. Delgado as a student as his heart is in the right place and helps all that wants to learn the real essence of the Budo Ryu – School of War.

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