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6 tools

In the Shoninki, written by Natori Masatake of Kishu, in 1681. Natori writes of six tools that every shinobi would take on a mission.

(01) Amigasa (straw hat)
(02) Kagi Nawa (rope with hook at the end)
(03) Sekibitsu (stones pencil for taking notes)
(04) Kusuri (field medicine / first aid kit)
(05) Sanjaku Tenugi (long piece of cloth)
(06) Tsuketake (tool for making fire)

In the Budo Ryu Dojo, we use the term Shinobi Roku-ki (6 tools of the ninja) when talking about these specific tools that was written within the Shoninki text.

The picture is taken of Anshu Christa Jacobson, at the Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Hombu Dojo, displaying these six tools of the ninja, from her private collection.

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