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Ninja Flexibility


Every morning I always do 30 min cardio with abdominal & core exercises. This is followed by a various set of kata found within the Nana Musha-den of the Budo Ryu Kai, then I finish with the “focus” of the day.

This mornings workout focused on flexibility, particularly flexibility of the spine. I worked with various poses and kamae to increase my flexibility and balance while opening up the lower back and hips.

Flexibility is an aspect of training that many people neglect. We all develop tight muscles throughout the body and these tight muscles create problems, blockages and stress. If people neglect to work on flexibility, this tends to lead to bigger issues and health concerns.

Remember it’s better to bend than break. As a martial artist we need to focus on all aspects of flexibility. This means developing flexibility physically as well as: mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I hope that these posts has “opened your mind” and sparked a new area of training within ninjutsu. Thank you very much for your love and support. Take care, be safe and good luck in your journey of Budo.

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Budo Ryu Kou Takeshi (#0008) Junan Taiso & Hojo Undo: Increase Your Flexibility!

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