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Real Ninjutsu Training? What is your fucking problem?

Today I am here to ask you a very simple question. What is your fucking problem? Before I begin with today’s lesson and question for all of you, I feel that I need to give you a little background story so you understand where I am coming from.

As many of you know, I’m the only Transgender person who has created her own martial arts organization and has gown her business to be a worldwide international school of classical Japanese martial arts.

I started the Budo Ryu Kai back in 2004, and I’ve never looked back! In the past 16+ years, I have created my own label and trademark writing 6 books, producing over 50+ DVDs, hundreds of downloads and establishing a complete online school for classical ninjutsu & bujutsu (just to say a few of my accomplishments). However, with all of that, it is not easy being a Transgender Woman in the world of combat & survival.

All over the internet, there has been so many hateful people that’s posted so many lies, false statements and Fake News about myself, my training/experience, my organization (Budo Ryu Kai) and the art that I teach (Budo Ryu Ninjutsu). Today’s topic has not much to do with the Haters, but have you noticed that I never stopped doing what I do, just because closed minded people want to trash me? I never have and I never will. I’m not that weak.

To add more fuel, NO ONE has taken the barrage of online attacks that I have. Even the “others” in the “Ninjutsu Community” who take A LOT of attacks themselves fire shots and attack me! Let me share with you a true story. About a year or so ago, there were 5 people, all of whom you would think are “mortal enemies”. They contacted me to talk to me about other “people/groups”. They all shared private screenshots of emails and social media messages of specific people/groups bashing me and trying to attack my school, my business, my book reviews, etc… Now, these emails and messages that were shared with me were of people that I didn’t like, but I didn’t think we were on bad terms either – and to be honest, I was a little taken back that these people/groups were organizing an attack towards me and my school. When these “mortal enemies” shared with me this knowledge, I did not say anything except thank you and went on my way. I get why they did it. “They” (the mortal enemies) did not want me ‘teaming up” with certain groups because it makes it more difficult for them to attack them. As they (the mortal enemies) and the people/groups that they were sharing emails/messages from, are not on good terms either.

Anyway, after all of that, I simply said thank you for the information. Never said anything and kept doing what I do. I’ve never stopped doing what I do, just because a closed minded person/group wants to attack myself or my school. I never have and I never will. I’m not weak. I am not part of any group. I stand on my own…

Why do they do this? All of these hateful people do this for two reasons. (1) They’re an insecure asshole. Unfortunately it’s not illegal to be an asshole. (2) They are threatened by my success. All of them have taken shots and me and here I am. Still standing and still in business. Not only am I still standing and still in business. I am still doing what I do with honor, respect, dignity, loyalty and integrity. Not one time have a made a post about a person who posted about me. Not one time have a made a video about a person who made a video about me. I just keep on keeping on.

Sure, I will always talk about “situations” and “experiences”. I am a teacher. So I always will. But I never address anyone by name or attack/bash any organization. There is no need for me to do that. Its weak… and I’m not weak.

So with all of that knowledge – why have you not attained the goals that you have wanted to attain? Look at all of the shit that I go through ever day! I am a transgender woman who teaches combat for a living, in a community full of very conservative people – whom many are very closed minded, hateful, racist, prejudice bigots. Trust me y’all – whatever it is that you want to do, it cannot be near as bad as what I go through everyday. So why have you not gone after what it is that you want? You scared…?

Why are you in the same place that you were in, when you were upset about the position that you are in? Why are you not succeeding? Why are you not going after the things that you want? Why are you settling for failure? Why are you not doing what you want to do? What is stopping you? What is your fucking problem?

The only thing we have on this planet is time. When your time is up, then you are up. You need to spend more time living a life rather than taking all of your time making a life. Life is too short.

Thank you again for all of you support! Untill next time, take care, be safe and good luck in your journey of budo.

Soke Anshu
Anshu Christa Jacobson

This lesson is directly for the practitioners of the ancient Japanese koryu martial arts of the ninja and samurai, such as ninjutsu (ninpo) and bujutsu (budo).

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Love Who You Are…


📷✨ Sunday Selfie / Sexy Sunday 😍
Martial Arts Critics & Haters have always, and will always, have an issue with me expressing my sexuality. To me, sexuality and nudity is freedom. I am not a nudist, but with my popularity I am in a position of power & influence. As a transgender woman, I believe that the world needs to be more accepting of people who do not “fit the mold” of what the society deems “correct”.
I understand that many see me as the promiscuous pagan witch, that teachings Ninpo / Budo & works in Adult Entertainment as a Geisha and this shallow perception does not give credit to the dedication and loyalty that I have for my family, my students, or my teachings of ninjutsu & samurai bujutsu.
The one thing that my Martial Arts training has taught me is that you need to stand up for who you are, and protect what it is that you love. So here I am saying…
– It’s okay to be different.
– It’s okay to be a transgender person & love your body.
– It’s okay to follow your heart & be who you want to be.
– It’s okay to love, be loved, & let others love you.
– It’s okay to let your guard down & trust.
– It’s okay if some people don’t like you.
– It’s okay to make mistakes.
– It’s okay to follow your heart & chase your dreams.
– It’s okay to want to succeed… you’re worth it…
I understand that I am not the “conventional” martial arts teacher, but even though the way that I do things may be unconventional to you, in the end, I want all of my students to find who they are, what they want, and be able to protect themselves and what it is that they love.
Thank you for your love and support!
💋 Soke Anshu / KC Geisha 

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