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A Discussion On The Keikogi (Gi): The Traditional Martial Arts Training Uniform | Ninjutsu, Taijutsu

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OMG! —> Ninja’s Didn’t Wear Pants!

no pants ninja's

The Ninja Did Not Wear Pants!
I just watched a video on YouTube where a ninjutsu historian was saying that ninja just wore hakama and bare legs!  He claimed he found it in historical scroll!

As many of you know, for years…
& I mean years!

People have bashed me for only wearing a hakama & bare legs when teaching class.

To all of you that want to talk trash about my slutty attire and whore-ish ways.  When I walk around the dojo, showing my pretty toes, long lean legs and sexy smile; that is me being a ninja!  In fact, it is proven to be in a historical ninjutsu scroll!

Ok, Ok, now time for the lesson.
(lets get serious)

When Kobayashi Sensei was teaching me hensojutsu (変装術), he always said that the ninja would wear what they needed to wear to infiltrate.  Sensei said that when training in various disguise (忍び七化け; shinobi nana-bake) this was part of yonin-jutsu (陽忍術).

When sensei was teaching me how to become a shadow (影隠術; kagegakure-jutsu), this was part of innin-jutsu (陰忍術) and this had many different forms and disguise as well.  In fact, he said that the shinobi-shozoku (忍び装束) has many different variations, not just the one that everyone talks about (which I will talk about in a future video).

Wearing only a kimono and no bottoms was an acceptable wear during that time in history, so it only makes sense that ninja would use this as a disguise as well.

In my training as an apprentice, I always wore a kimono top & no bottoms for many reasons.  However, all of my students, as well as all members of the online dojo, know that this is also proper attire.  Many of my videos in the online dojo was shot with me only wearing a kimono top and no bottoms.
* Picture left:
taken of me an apprentice in the mid-1990’s.
* Picture middle:
taken from video footage of the online dojo
* Picture right:
take from a photo shoot of me teaching ninjutsu.
Of course we wear shorts under the kimono to keep our ass and other parts covered.  No need to have all of that on a dojo floor!

(Q) What would the ninja wear?
(A) They would wear what they needed to wear.

Sometimes the answer is just that simple.

Thank y’all for your love and support!
I love all y’all too!
XXOO – Christa