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Every morning (usually after my workout), I go outside on the back deck naked, and feel the energy of nature. It does not matter if it is dark, light, hot, cold, rain or snow. I always go out, every morning and experience the energy and power of the gods.

Snow is water. Its cold and it’s frozen, but its still water, which is one of the five sacred elements (Chi, Sui, Ka, Fu, Ku). Water is a feminine energy and highly connected with the aspects of the Goddess, used for healing, cleansing, purification and sexuality. The element of water (Suijutsu: 水術) is associated with passion and emotion.

There are also a number of deities associated with snow, ice, and winter storms. The Japanese Yuki Onna is a spirit of winter storms who dwells in the mountains and preys upon travelers. The legend of two woodcutters, Mosaku and Minokichi, tells of the woman in white, whose “breath was like a bright white smoke.”…

More info on the Japanese Deity; Yuki Onna:

By going outside and connecting to this energy, it will help balance all three phases of your “Sanshin” (三心): Mind-Body-Spirit.

So find time and a private place, where you are all alone, and you can be naked and feel the energy of the gods, even if it’s only for a few seconds. Strengthen your connection to the TenChiJin (天地人) and pray/meditate/commune and give your thanks for the divine gifts that they give.

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