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Giving Thanks To The Gods…

I woke up this morning to see that it’s raining. Always remember to thank the divine by getting out and experiencing the beauty of nature. This world was a gift that we get to experience its beauty, if we take the time too. This experience with nature helps us better understand ourselves and connect to the elements and our surroundings.

While it is raining, we get to experience the element of “Sui” (水; water) from the divine, which represents: Emotion, Sexuality, Adaptability, Flexibility, Suppleness, and Magnetism.

Today is also the day of a solar eclipse, which represents: Renewal of Spiritual Energy, Revealing Lies (particularly those that we tell ourselves), Re-thinking our Direction of Action and Refocusing on our Goals in Life.

As the powers of the Sun and the Moon align, I will get to experience the element of “Ku” (空; Void) from the divine, which is associated with: Heavens, Divine, Magick, Sakkijutsu and Invocation.

Remember the renewal of spiritual energy is more than just your inner power, but your magickal tools as well. Make sure that you lay out all of your stones and crystals, as well as all of your tools (wand, etc, etc…) and let them soak up this divine magickal energy that is a gift to all of us today, during the Solar Eclipse!

Blessed Be…

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